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Work With a Trusted Telecom & IT Company

We provide superior full-service telecommunications and IT consultations.


TELigence Partners is a full-service, independent telecommunications & IT consulting and sales agency.

We provide cloud, voice, data, networking, and advisory services to discerning businesses headquartered in the eastern US.

We exceed our clients’ expectations by simplifying and supporting their telecom and IT solutions process and designing networks tailored to their needs at market-competitive prices.


Why Us

  • Unbiased advice based on YOUR needs & budget

  • More options than going carrier direct for the same price

  • 150+ years of combined industry knowledge

  • Full-service help & support desk

  • Single point of contact to work with all network providers

  • Access to 100+ vetted IT Cloud Service & Carrier providers

  • Professionally managed installs

  • No extra cost to you

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We’re good at what we do


of our new customers are referred to us by satisfied existing ones.

Many of the services we offer are free

Many of the services we offer are provided at no cost to you. We are paid directly through our trusted network of over 100 telecommunications and IT carriers. You pay the same whether you go through us or directly through the carrier. The difference is, when you choose TELigence Partners, you receive the knowledge we’ve gained from over 150 years of combined industry experience, along with our unbiased advice and our commitment to provide you with excellent customer service.

Our over 150 years of combined industry knowledge

At TELigence Partners, we have over 150 years of combined industry knowledge. Our customers have access to our ability to match them with the best prices, solutions, and our more than 30+ service providers, all of whom we’ve carefully researched and vetted over the years to make sure they meet our customer service standards and deliver the highest quality products.

We provide unbiased advice based on their needs

Unlike carrier direct sales, we are not driven by sales incentives and are not operating under sales quotas for the work we do. Just as is the case with business independent insurance agencies, the cost of service to the client is the same whether they go through us or through the carrier directly.

We take our work and your business very seriously. It’s our mission to design network solutions that make you happy, save you money, and improve the efficiency of your operations.

Our comprehensive approach

  • We continuously comb the telecommunications and technology landscape to stay abreast of emerging trends and companies.

  • We work with you to assess your telecommunications and technology needs, then devise the best, most affordable solution drawing from our team of over 30 trusted technology partners and years of experience in the industry.

  • Once a custom solution has been selected, we work with your IT team and our chosen technology partner(s) to ensure the deployment of your solution meets your expectations and objectives.

  • Post-installation, we verify final billing meets the originally contracted amounts.

  • For the term of your contract, you will be covered by TELigence Partners’ Quality Assurance Program. We will be there to assist you with any questions or problems that may arise. Relieving you of the headache of technical worries and freeing you to focus on other issues.

Our Quality Assurance Program

  • Customer satisfaction

    We commit to you that you will be satisfied with the services we recommend.

  • Comprehensive analysis

    Prior to your purchase of services, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of your current network, detailing the full scope of current service and associated costs.

  • Competitive quoting

    We will provide competitive quotes for your services, eliminating the need for you to deal with multiple carrier representatives. One call brings the entire market to your door.

  • Complete deployment

    TELigence Partners will oversee the complete deployment of your network solution, coordinating carrier services with your IT and telephone supporting vendors. OR, if you need direct vendor support from us, we will provide that as well.

  • Correct billing

    Finally, once everything has installed, we will ensure that the billing from your new providers matches up with their quoted prices and that the “bill start dates” coordinate and match with the “bill cease dates” from your departing carriers.

  • Clarity & transparency

    We understand telecom and IT service provider technicalities and lingo and will clarify and translate providing you with clear descriptions and an understanding of what is really happening.

  • Follow up

    We will follow up with you regularly post-sale to ensure that the services you purchase continue to serve and support your company as originally planned. Technology trends and innovations change regularly. Our follow up services will help you stay current with trends, services, and opportunities in the marketplace.

At TELigence Partners, we care about our clients’ satisfaction and success and it shows in everything we do.

TELigence Partners takes our work and your business very seriously. It’s our mission to design network solutions that make you happy, save you money, and improve the efficiency of your operations.

What’s more?

Our initial consultation is always free and most of our services come at no cost to you as we are paid by the carriers we recommend.

Call us today at (866) 896-8526 to schedule a FREE consultation.

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